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Dear Roger,

I am glad that you solved your problem.
There is nothing wrong with 95 octane petrol – the bike will even run nicely on 92, 86 or 76. The lead additive is unnecessary but will do no harm. It is difficult to get a perfect tickover on a Scott. The carburettor has to be in a very good condition. The engine has to be warmed up properly. After this is done, you may first adjust the tickover speed. Next you adjust the idle jet – first inwards (clockwise) -slowly – a little at the time until the engine slows down, misfires or lets out unhealthy sounds or smoke. Thereafter turn it slowly – a little at the time – outwards (anti-clockwise) until the engine misfires again or begins to run unevenly – then turn it back down (clockwise) a little bit until it runs evenly again. If you adjust the tickover speed after this, you may have to readjust the idle speed jet once more. Do not adjust for a fast tickover if possible – it will lead to problems with a “hunting” engine going downhill when the throttle is off.

“Belt and Braces”:
Until you are sure that your oil pump is working perfectly, you may mix some 2-stroke oil in the petrol – 2% is enough – 2 decilitres per 10 litres petrol. Any 2-stroke oil will do, but the modern self-mixing variety is the easiest to use, albeit ridiculously expensive when bought in small bottles.

Good luck!

Kind regards,