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Colin Hough

Lewis and Dave,

I have re-read my post and a couple of other comments:

1) I agree with Dave (and several contributors to the Technicalities) that the Pilgim is only a metering device and the engine actually ‘sucks’ in whatever drops into the Pilgrim bowls. Note: the BotS refers to pumping under pressure but this is wrong.

Note: when riding after a long period of no use I put a little oil in each well so that it is sucked into the oil feed pipes immediatley. Also, after the winder lay off, I disconnect the pipes form the inlet and squirt oil directly into the engine so there is a lot around for the initial period. This is synthetic Comp 2 injector

2) Remeber that the rates quoted re dpm if only using ‘pumped’ oil are at tickover and will increase with engine speed so that at normal road speeds the rates are higher. I memtion this as trying to set up a dripper to do the full speed range on its own may need higher settings.

Question: What do people who have classic drippers use for the setting???

3) Re the drip rate with petroil, in my discussion with Richard he said that he uses a dripper so is using 6 dpm over the full operating range. However, if setting up a conventional Pilgrim with a reduction gear then the rate will go up with engine speed.

Another observation is that Lofty noted that the Loftylube (i.e. huge oil rates being metered out but then the excess scavanged from the oil wells and returned to the oil tank) was getting through a pint of oil every 200 miles whereas he would expect 300 – 400 miles and commented that a lot was leaking out from the glands. This ties in with my experience as I was getting a lot of very clean oil leaking out but now know I was over-oiling. I set it up for 2 spits and a drop in the belief that with a 2:1 reduction gear this equated to 4 to 1 as recommended by Glyn but I now realise that Gerry’s reduction gear was actually 3:1 and I did not need to match 4 to 1 as that was more than required. Having now gone over to pertoil at 40 – 50:1, I have cut the Pilgrim back to the minimum it can dispense.