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Once upon a time I had a 1936 manufactured DM2 National Oil Engine Co. diesel in a narrowboat, the brute weighed well over a ton, the flywheel alone weighed 300lbs., capacity was 2.5 litres and produced all of 14bhp @ 1,000 rpm whether you needed it or not!

The thing relative to this post is that the bores, (wet liners), were chrome plated on iron and covered all over in small dimples about 0.002”, deep presumably for oil retention.

It seems it worked too as I have good reason to believe that they were the original liners and pistons even after having spent their life lugging a 70ft motor and butty up and down the cut for half a century including a world war and remember maintenance on the cut was always almost optional.

Just a thought but if it worked on a diesel with its twenty to one compression ratio I wonder what dimples might do for the bores in a Scott?