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Just a couple more points:

A while back now a Round the World Yacht Race competitor had his keel fall off in the Southern Ocean. Naturally the boat turned turtle and resulted in a big rescue operation, some readers may remember the incident. The interesting point is that this was an almost new boat, it turned out that the stainless steel keel bolts had suffered what was called “still water corrosion”. Under certain conditions it seems some stainless steels can fail very rapidly indeed. I regret to say I know little more about this phenomenon but it is now well documented. Therefore if stainless steel studs were contemplated then it would be wise to do a bit of research and be careful about the grade selected. My inclination would be to use conventional high tensile steel, which is better suited than stainless for the job anyway, and maybe have it treated à la Roger Moss.

If you did decide to go the “electrifying experience” route it might be an idea to make a +ve termination that screws on the stud and find somewhere else to complete the circuit. That way there is little risk of damaging the stud threads. Once out of course you can jump up and down on ‘em or throw them at the cat if you want but until then do no damage, you never know what else you may want to try if it fails!

On the other hand if you were to have the studs cut through it might be worth considering trying a stud extractor on the remains in the barrel. I’ve not had too much success with these things but when they work they work well with zero risk of damaging the threaded holes. Which is all very well just so long as the threads are not too tight – you should be so lucky!