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The Pilgrim pump it seems was really designed for machinery applications and was never intended to run at 2-stroke engine revolutions.

This means that to get an acceptable output on a Scott the thing has to be run nearly shut and that means that control can be problematic, few machines of any sort work well at the ragged edge of their range as external factors start to loom large, oil temperature/viscosity for example.

It has been proved possible to insert a reduction gearbox in the pump drive, such boxes were being offered at one time but I don’t know if they are still available. If you are a machinist a successful box can and has been made by cannibalising the internals of a Sturmey Archer bicycle three-speed gearbox.

Another a promising approach is to adapt one of the modern Japanese 2-stroke oil pumps, these are very similar in design to a diesel injector pump, the real attraction being that they have a throttle controlled delivery which would supply what the engine need when it needs it without rider attention while controlling the smoke screen effect.

There is always a down side of course, no smoke screen would mean that the dreaded Gatso will be able to see ‘yer!