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Paul W

Hi folks,

This has been an ongoing problem for some time now (see my postings on the subject in the forum category). I currently manage this by doing regular clearouts of the ‘spam’ accounts. However, whilst i’ve been away for a few weeks, the numbers have recently risen to quite high levels (we’re getting about 100- 200 accounts registered per day). Hopefully we’ll be back down to more reasonable levels soon.

Some boring computer type stuff now follows if you are interested ……..
This version of the forum software allows a users details to be displayed before i have activated their accounts (and i activate and email each genuine account manually). With this version of the forum there’s no simple way of preventing users from registering their websites/links etc whilst they await account activation or deletion as appropriate – i could modify the forum software to prevent these users being displayed but am loathe to do this as this potentially creates more of a maintenance problem because we’ll then be running non-standard software. A new version of the forum software will help (noting that won’t solve the problem for long as the hackers soon catch up) but i have had problems upgrading the underlying database because there’s a risk of losing some/all user account and posting contents (do we have any mysql database experts out there who could help ?). I’m hoping to upgrade in due course and the ability to post pictures is something i’d like to include here (in the meantime thanks to Erik for helping out with this).

Hope that provides some clarity on what is a bit of a niggle and an unfortunate ‘feature’ of many other forums as well as our own,