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Which just goes to prove what I have been ruminating on for a long time. When anything starts to get a bit scarce along comes Mr. Lottadosh and starts “investing”, not in a bike because they are bikers, but in an “asset”.

Another marque that seems to have fallen foul of this trend and has acquired a lot of cachet is the Vincent, good examples of a Shadow now fetching £40,000+ and the price of spares is the reserve of Russian oligarcs, hedge fund traders and football “stars”! What is even more alarming is that too many current owners, (I’ve been lurking on the VOC website), seem to be like a girlfriend of many years ago; she had her “little man at the garage” that did all her dirty work for her. She didn’t know what a fan belt was let alone how to replace it on her Morris 1000. Just her luck that I was with her when it went, she didn’t even notice, I made her take her tights off, but that is a whole other story . . .

The only up side I can see is that spares will probably still get made – if you can afford them . . .

It don’t bode too well for the future now do it?