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dave bushell

Hi Brian
Thanks for your reply. Yes there is more compression as I would expect from a rebored block and new pistons – the old block and pistons were well worn and the siezure occured due to shortage of oil on one side. As for the hunting, I have done all the checks for air leaks with the exception of the glands which were in good order when re-assembled and no notches in the flywheel for them to ride up on, also there is no leakage of oil in-between the crankcases which I would have expected if there was a gland problem and the oil is being sucked from the pilgrim pump ok. Timing is spot on and the advance and retard makes no difference to the hunting but obviously does affect the running. The starting is good – first or second kick. No fuel stavation, tried various float heights and played around with the pilot jet. This hunting did not occur with the old block and so I suspect that the “new” block may be the culprit. I am thinking of trying a different set of pistons and block (I’m waiting for rings) plus I’ll run the bike for another couple of hundred miles before doing the swap to see if it will settle down.