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I agree with Roger, something must be done.

I had the pleasure of being present during a short council meeting at Abbotsholme, and I was allowed to suggest an increased subscription fee to finance a larger and more varied stock of spare parts under the scheme.

We must lift together to improve the situation and secure a future for Scotting. Most members and marque specialists are now in their sixties or more, and soon we will have great difficulties finding spares and service for our machines. I also suggested a continuous revision of the catalog of available spares on the club website.

Whether my suggestions made any impact, I don’t know, but for Scott Owners living abroad, a well-functioning spares scheme is a must, and we must be willing to invest.

A couple of suggestions to the members:

Let us make a kitty together, building up a small capital to finance the production of parts. I am willing to invest money in this – starting with £100. I challenge other members to make contributions. I also ask our legal expertise (Lewis Onions) and the council to design a system around this hopefully growing capital (shares? money on account?).

Let us all contribute to a list of needed parts – parts that we know will be needed – Our new spares controller has already asked for this, and I have a few suggestions for items:

Door straps (Ken Lack)
Cylinder heads (Roger has connections)
Pilgrim pump parts (available from Switzerland)
Silk type of pistons (Roger may know where they may be made)
Long stroke cranks
Short stroke cranks
Undertray castings

I challenge other members to add to this list, and I also invite comments to my suggestions and new and better suggestions.

I will be at the Stanford Hall gathering and would like to discuss this with others.

Kind regards from Oslo,