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I totally agree with Roger and others. I have never quite understood the problems of shipping to the US but that is easily overcome by sending it through another member.

But the main problem is that there should be things to send in the first place!

So I would agree on a minimum depostit from each member to go to the Spares Scheme. What amount that would be I would not know. That would also depend on the need and the outcome of the survey in the last Yowl.

Let’s compare to the Vincent spares position. I am no expert on this but as far as I know it is still possible to build a whole new bike, just from spares! And Vincent also is/was only a small marque.. So how is it this can be done for Vincent and not for Scott? One thing perhaps is the size of the riders wallet which I guess is a few sizes up for the average Vincent rider.

The spares position does really worry me. Being relatively young I intend to ride my bike for many, many years. Perhaps in times that Roger, Ken etc. will be retired (will they ever be ;o). And what then? I thing the Club should focus on a longterm vision on this to keep our Scotts yowling as they should!


EDIT: well Carl, seems you just beat me to it saying similar things…. I would totally agree on the 100 GBP deposit!

A few parts for the list:

– piston rings
– maybe some carb bodies
– plug ferrules
– specific castings like two speed brake and gear pedals etc.
– TS kickstart ratchets!

Furthermore it would be nice if the original Scott drawings were digitally available so that people can reproduce parts themselves.

PS: @Paul, maybe it would be better to change the topic title to “spares discussion” or something if Eric would agree? That would make it more clear.