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I think the seat is from an Ariel Red Hunter (yawn!!), and in a terrible state. We have the remains of an original seat that came with it which will be re-used.

The side stand is a later bodge-fit (fits a tube rather than the Scott castings) and took a while to remove the bit of tube that had been crushed oval by the bolts holding the stand. If you look hard at the pics you can see something underneath the engine, lower than the bolts, that hinges down so you can remove the front wheel.

It may not look bad but the WD40 I put on it is hiding the fact that all the ally parts are white with corrosion and that there is alot more rust than you would think, there is little paint left on the rims and fork legs and the rear of the frame. The chain gaurd had the remnants of a nickle finish but is badly pitted.

Most of the mechanical parts had a thick layer of sludge, nutshells, leafs (#*@*##* mice!!) and other oil-bound muck which had protected them but an absolute git to clean as it had set like concrete!

The only part we are short of is a retaining clip for the rear stand, suggestions anyone??