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Hi all, This information has been kindly supplied by Roy and fills several of the gaps in Scruffy’s history. I have also taken the liberty of re-posting Roy’s picture as it did not show.

My late father, Harry, was a keen motorcycle enthusiast and, during 1949/50, together with my mother, converted a shop at No.48 The Causeway, Staines, (the A30) into what became ‘Harry’s Cafe’. The cafe had lorry drivers and motorcyclists among customers. About 1952 my father found a Scott under a cover a few doors from the cafe, was very curious, and brought it home. My dad knew plenty about engines of all types but he knew nothing about Scotts, other than that they were a water cooled twin 2 stroke. My dad set about restoring the Scott which was a 600cc Squirrel of 1936, Reg. EPD ***. He parts chromed, and at the rear of the cafe, sprayed it maroon with his home made spray gun. The word soon spread and at weekends, as many as 5 Scotts would be outside the cafe which provided us with much needed info. about Scotts.

In 1953, I was 19 years old and still on a pedal cycle. My dad purchased ‘Scruffy’ for me from Slocombe’s of Neasden. It cost £35.00 and I have the bill of sale dated 25th April 1953. The bike was listed as a 1930 498cc 3 speed Flyer engine No, FZ31**A frame 34**M but in fact the engine had been replaced, unnoticed by Slocombe’s, with FZ31**A. It had been modified before it came into my possession having alloy guards, a 4” rear tyre and a 3” front tyre when purchased. I learnt to ride VR****, passed my test, then set about ‘restoring’ the bike with the aid of my dad.

I know very differently now, but I am guilty of removing the hand gear change as I considered it ‘old fashioned’ compared with my dad’s foot change although I never had the funds to purchase a proper foot change mechanism. I also converted it to nearside foot brake. The engine was re-bored, new big ends, lots of chrome and sprayed black by my dad. I also fitted the dual seat which has caused horror, but it had an inflatable interior and was comfy! I see that it has red HT leads which may be the red PVC leads as fitted by me!

My dad was in a domestic pickle about 1956 so I had his Scott and sold ‘Scruffy’ to a work colleague and, as stated previously, it was last seen being ridden round a field. I lost track of it in 1957 when I moved into my first house near Slough.

Cheers for the information Roy, I hope you do not mind me posting it!!