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Erik, don’t you dare start that hare running! I’ve already got to make it to July 2188 to stand any chance of realising all the schemes I’ve got buzzing around in my noggin!

In fact I’m slightly ahead of you, (great minds think alike, fools seldom differ?!!!), in that I did considered the possibility of a “Sparklets” soda siphon gas capsule, (do they make them anymore?), and a little regulator under the top yoke to keep things topped up. Then I took my pills and had a lay down in the dark ‘till the urge had safely passed!!!

I rather suspect that it is not just a bit of rust and worn/age hardened seals that is the Oleomatic’s problem. I rather suspect that the gauge and therefore the strength of the upper tube is marginal. I can’t think it was a question of weight saving either, the lower legs each weigh a ton and are unsprung weight into the bargain.

Also I am not over impressed with the fits of the internal components, there may be a reason that I have not considered but to my mind as things are, and I have measured several now, they do nothing for the location and control of the all important piston seals.

The result is, I suspect, that when the machine hits a pothole of any size the tendency is for the legs not only to compress but also for the top tubes to deflect backwards as well. The effect of such a deflection on any tube is to cause it to go oval to some degree; if then there is any weakness in the sealing such deflections could just be the last straw and cause a loss of pressure or a sudden deflation.

As I’ve mention before I do have a “cunning plan” that could just possibly entirely eliminate the problem. However the difficulties of obtaining the materials I wanted to use, the cost, (small pension, very limited funds!), and other calls on my resources have resulted in the idea going no further than a set of drawings so far. It is after all a highly speculative project needing a lot of time, testing and development. Even if it did work there is a very small market for the modification and so little chance of recovering the cost.

But that’s its love for your fellow man innit?

On the other had if anyone knows where we can get 15.125″ (384.17mm) lengths of 1.625″ (41.27mm) i.d. x 1.781″ (45.24mm) o.d. steel tube nicely hard chromed inside and finished to size for less than a king’s ransom then the existing design and seals would fine . . .