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Martin Heckscher


Ian supplied a complete set of clutch plates about 4 years ago, after I was having slippage problems at Dijon. When I first got the Sprint, about 15 years ago, the clutch was so heavy it was virtually unusable. This was caused only by massively heavy springs. I think the replacements may have come from Ken, and whilst perhaps very slightly heavy, the otherwise identical clutch was perfectly acceptable.

These same springs were re-installed when I fitted Ian’s bonded plates about 11 years later. I didn’t have any problems at all with the new plates, and there have been no further clutch problems of any sort since they went in.

The idea of using just 3 springs was suggested to me quite recently by Ken. He reckoned that with the additional friction area yielded by bonded plates, it should be possible to use six lighter springs, or perhaps even just 3 standard springs instead of the original 6. It made sense to me, though I haven’t put it to the test. There is surely no reason why the tension should be unequal provided they are properly adjusted.

Good luck!