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On the matter of water leaks, you are quite right about water, it isn’t thicker than air, just more devious . . .

I would have expected the water component of the combustion process to be clear although somewhat acidic, particularly if allowed to stand for some time so that any insoluble particulates might settle, after all Hydrogen + Oxygen = water. The only way to be sure would be to put some sort of colourant in the cooling water, fluorescein being the substance that comes to mind.

I know that on the face of it 40ft of pipe sounds like a daft idea but as a method of obtaining some pressure it has the merit of simplicity. All you need is a garden hose or some domestic copper pipe and somewhere to hang it, no pumps or compressors needed.
Every 2.7ft of head gives you 1psi so a 27ft head will give 10psi and that’s little more than the gutter height of the average house. Vary the height by a known amount and you know the pressure, even a Meerkat could do it!

And finally, notwithstanding that feeble excuse about the cat’s tray I still have this image of a bloke wearing nothing but a silly grin and some soap bubbles – but then I either need therapy or will soon or as my Grandma was wont to say, “The whole world’s queer save thee and me and thee’s a bit peculiar!”