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At the Abbotsholme meeting the guy from the VMCC that brought the Scott factory records told me that only a very small percentage of the Scotts currently in existance have the numbers that are in the books. And as far as I know Scott did not have matching frame and engine numbers like other makes.

Personally I could not care less. Scott have always been individualists bikes and a wrong number would not spoil my fun. As an example: my two speeder is registred as 1923, has a 1924 engine and according to the VMCC the frame is dated 1920. My Flyer is a registred 1927 500 but has a 600 engine as well as a later early 30-s frame.

But, in the Netherlands, there is no show culture like in the UK and there is more emphasis on riding instead of showing and a bike with wrong numbers will ride just as fine ;o)