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Hi Adrian,

With Scott’s it is very rare to have a matching numbers bike because so many parts could be interchanged between models and years plus they had a habit of blowing up if you pushed them too hard or had oil pump trouble.

If the engine and frame are from the same period I would not worry (just look at my bikes, both hybrids of different models and years) as long as the registration number is the original then it’s worth doing!

Matching numbers bikes will always fetch a bit more but with Scott’s and others it’s still the same bike and unless you tell someone they will not know its not right! You will still have the same enjoyment from it!

The only matching numbers (not known until collected!) bike I have is ‘Layton’ brought not because of this fact but:

1) It’s a time warp bike
2) ORIGINAL logbook
3) I liked it’s looks
4) Oxford city registration number
5) NOT on the DVLA system (it is now!)

The bikes that will not hold their value are the ones which have had their numbers pinched. For me age related number=waste of money!