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@Lewis & Roger: My bike has indeed the narrow size forks. The stem has been replaced by Roger by a high strength version. That gives me a lot of confidence in taking on speedbumps ;o).

The idea of twin brakes does somehow appeal to me. This would spread the load over both sides of the fork thus not making it twist to one (RH) side. I spoke to Richard Tann about this at Abbotsholme last year. He brought a spare front wheel with him with such a conversion but he told me it still was not much good…

On the other had do I really like the look of a massive 7″ Webb in the old style forks. I think they make the bike look a bit more “grown up”. Like this one (borrowed from the Clubs page):

Also with the narrow forks.

By the way, looking at the Clubs page galleries you see a few bikes with the twin 5 ” brake conversion. So this is kind of “period”….

I’ll give the whole thing a good think. Those drums are not exactly easy to find anyhow…

By the way, the brakedrum I have on my Scott at the moment I made myself from a cast iron Vespa scooter drum. I could easily make another one but I would still have to find a suitable hub and of course a backplate and brakeshoes…