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lewis onions

Hello Steve – you have opened an “old chestnut” of a debate amongst Scott owners here. I had a similar query concerning my Birmingham Scott last year which prompted an exchange on this forum. If you use the search facility you will find the postings in January 2008 under the heading “Oiling Again”.

By way of follow up the Birmimgham Scott is running well with a prilgrim pump converted to dripper. I am a bit cautious about putting the jinks on it but I have covered many miles this summer so far without any concerns!

I have had oiling problems in the past with my 1928 Flyer which still has the pilgrim pump running from a drive to the mag sproket. The pilgrim pump itself is no problem but the drive is a somewhat flimsy affair and broke once whilst I was in deepest darkest Worcestershire causing a seizure. Happily a road-side bodge-repair using a sliver of plastic cable tie permitted me to continue for the rest of the weekend run into Wales covering a total of some 320 miles.

Welcome to the clan. I hope that you find Scotting the joy that it undoubtdly is !