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Hi all,

You have to be very dim to transfer a number now, vintage bikes are hard to sell if they have an age related plate issued recently as the DVLA have no vintage numbers left so you get a completely hideous early 60’s number which look really stupid on anything they are issued to!

The worst crime is to pinch a number off a totally original machine, this is just vandalism of the highest order!

This trade needs to stop, it is destroying our social history! I think, if you transfer a number, you should have to pay £190 road tax!

In some cases (like ‘Bitsa’) the number is all that is left of it’s history, take that away and you have something that may as well have been made yesterday. The original number CAN lead you to a previous owner you did not know about, just look at ‘Scruffy’, a million to one chance that someone would recognize it as being ‘his’ bike. This DOES NOT HAPPEN with age related plates!

If someone high up in the club catches you doing this he will have a go at you!

Rant over!