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Hi Chris and thanks for the offer of help. I’m well on the way with this one now. When I stripped the front end to do the bearings, I found the frame was broken, so concentrated on that first. The frame repair is now done, and I’m re-assembling the bike simultaneously with other projects I started thinking the frame would be away for months on end. I’ll spill the beans on how and why it was done so quickly later if anyone is interested. But don’t get excited! I haven’t found a super fast frame shop-it was done as a favour by a sympathetic friend who has enough to do in his proper business.
Thanks to everyone who gave me leads for the traditional frame specialists, I tried them all. All had long waiting lists, which was expected, but a not very keen attitude put me off the most of them. And I was expecting to pay 2009 rates-cost wasn’t the problem.
Back on the road before spring anyway! 😀