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lewis onions

Hello and welcome to the joy of Scott ownership!

There are many more qualified people than me to answer your enquiry about starting. However, I suggest that you drain the sumps to start with. Then perhaps remove the crank case doors just to have a look and if things look a bit dry squirt a small amount of oil into the crancase sump either side. Check spark plugs in the usual way and ensure that there is a spark when kicked over. Check petrol flow and perhaps drain the petrol and refill with new. Tickle the carb until petrol starts to dribble out onto the flywheel. Make sure that the oil feed is switched. Kick. Check that the pilgrim pump is delivering drops (see many other postings previously about the settings for the pump – you might just get a cloud of blue smoke first time!). Ride.

Ian Parsons is the Club registrar and might be tuning in to this. Otherwise you might be able to send him a personal email. Ian keeps the records of all Scotts known to the club and will (I’m sure) be able to help you with details of the prior owners and history of your bike.

Finaly – assuming you haven’t done so yet, please join the Club !

Regards, Lewis