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Thanks Richard,
good advice, I only wish I could do this myself! I hadn’t thought of Spondon and they are quite local too. As for other damage or stresses, the only signs I see at present are on the same two down tubes-one seems to be a tiny bit bent when viewed from the right angle. I wonder if that is ancient accident damage or sidecar work perhaps? Regarding costs, I am already resigned to a few months of overtime to fund a thorough check and repair/re-align/repaint and all the incidental thread repairs, fastener replacements. I bet I can’t resist looking inside the engine too 🙄 Still, it’ll all be worth it in the end, won’t it? I love the way it goes and handles 😯 ?! the radiator was bridging the fracture, maybe that explains some of the leaks too?

Per ardua ad astra I suppose.