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Hello Erik, well it’s a bit of a story, my father and I purchased 3 basket case Scott’s, we sold 1 to fund the other 2, and because I have a business with a machine shop every time I make some parts for the Scott its easier for me to make a small batch. Just to list a few bits I have done so far :-
• Rear hub driving sprocket locking ring, in spring steel , to stop it going out of shape
• Adaptor sleeves for new type tapered head stock bearings
• Rear hub bolts
• New sealed ball race bearings for rear hub
• New spindles in 16T
• Engine bolts
• Crank shaft bolt
• New wide and narrow fly wheel sprockets
These are the ones we have completed so far but there is loads more in the pipe line!
If there was something you were interested in I could always make it for you.