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Welcome in the wonder world of Scott Louis!

As far as I know there are only very few Scotts in Belgium. In fact besides yours I only know of the one in the museum in Brugge. So a very rare bike in Belgium…

The power output. Well to be honest as long as the bike runs well I would not bother. In my opinion a Scott feels more powerfull as it actually is anyhow.

Cannot help you on the oilsettings for a Flyer as mine has throttle controlled modern pump and I would not know how much this delivers. On my two speeder I use 1:50 mixture in the tank (but to be honest that is more for my own peace of mind). This bike also has drippers and I set those to deliver drops at about 5-10 second intervals. I never count, I just set them to what I think looks right. As the drippers and oiltank are right behind the radiator on my bike I have to readjust when the bike and the oil warms up (and gets thinner). My bike has done about 3.000 km last year and does not smoke excessively or use a lot of oil so it must be right.

I don’t know if you are from the Dutch speaking side of Belgium or not. If so, you can also send me a PM or email in Dutch if you want to discuss Scott things.