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Colin Hough

For those of you in the UK (or who have a UK account as I do which I am currently operating from Australia) a cheque is probably the easiest way to pay, but does include the cost of posting it to the membership secretary. The next alternative if you have an internet banking account is a money transfer direct into the club’s account – but you need to advise the membership secretary via email that you have done this to ensure that you get onto the list of members. Both of these are easy if your account is in pounds.

However, if you are overseas without an account in pounds, neither actually works. Therefore, we set up the PayPal method to overcome this as their charges are the lowest we can find for transferring small amounts of money internationally – we ask for 1 pound to cover this (unless sent as a gift so there is no transfer feee this end).

If I were to receive PayPal from the UK then it would be me who sends an email to the membership secretary and makes the transfer to the club’s bank, hence I would prefer that people did this themselves.