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Hi Folks,

This subject came up at a committee meeting a few years ago and it turned out to be an emotive subject. If i recall correctly i think it was agreed that a for sale/wanted area on the public website was not considered to serve the interests of the entire membership (ie. those members who did not use the internet) whereas the for/sale section in the club magazine would. At the time, i asked the committee what i should then do (in my capacity as webmaster) in the case of items being advertised on the existing forum categories and the guidance i got was that it should be allowed in the general discussion area but not explicitly encouraged for the reason above. This has been the position ever since and we have had the occasional item advertised in this way.

So, it’s probably a pedantic point, but if there is a wish to re-visit this then i think it’s a matter for the SOC committee to discuss (given they set the current policy on for/sale wanted) ! I’ll go with whatever the club wishes ?

Best Regards,
Paul Wilson