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well good news.I seem to have sorted the starting and running problems.First of all i found a tiny air leak on the lower edge of the inlet manifold just above the flywheel where the sealing surface looks very narrow.The 2nd fault was that when checking the points gap i noticed that there was quite a large variation of gap at the two points of opening which was causing the high speed missfire.On checking there was run out on the end of the shaft which was causing the uneven opening.A call to dave lindsley confirmed that in his experience that this was a common problem with the bth mag.The fix was to remove the outer cover of the mag and shim the top mating surface with a piece of the brass shim plate.I know it may not find approval from the engineers but it seems to of done the trick and it remains to be seen if there is a long term penalty to pay for doing this.Anyway,for once,at this moment in time,everything is good in my scotting world. 😆