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Richard Blackburn

I’d first check the flange is not deformed if you haven’t already. Place a straight edge across all directions and use a feeler gauge to see how deformed it is at all locations as follows:

Horizontal top
Horizontal centre (ie through bolt holes)
Horizontal lower
vertical right near mounting bolt
vertical centre of RH pipe cutout
vertical centre
vertical centre of LH pipe cutout
vertical left near mounting bolt

If any of these are more than a few thou out you need to flatten the mount surface by tickling on a mill, grinding, or filing until it is flat. Just like carb mount faces when you mount it do not overtighted the nuts as this distrorts the flange too. You often find it is bowed in near the bolt holes due to past overtightening onto soft gaskets. Sometimes just backing them off a little can improve sealing.

There is also the steam engine method of sealing, and just let it seep as eventually it will likely clog itself up!

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