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Douglas Kephart is quite correct about the precession factor, I once had a 3rd year Bsc. student doing his mandatory ½ course unit practical by attempting to create a reduction gear using just that property of a rolling element bearing.
The sad thing was that he tried it with a deep groove ball bearing. “Every time I put any load on it just stops.” He wailed. “What did you do about the clearance?” said I. “What’s clearance?” was his puzzled reply. This from a 3rd year engineering student! There is just no help for some people!!!

I read somewhere that polaris submarines use this property for main engine reduction gearing, it seems it is much quieter than normal gearing. Unlike the above-mentioned student they apply what must be a significant axial thrust to the assembly so that it can transmit that amount of power. Must be an awesome bit of kit and I’d love to know what they use as a lubricant.