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Hi Laurie,

Thanks for the input. Also it seems that there are no of the shelve sprocket plate wheels that have the correct thickness. The ones that are available are for 1/2 x 3/16. Those are 4,5 mm wide. Would that be too narrow? Or should I opt for thicker sprockets and thin them down?

Do you really think the ring is now softened severely? I thought that the temp used to harden this part was a lot higher than the temp I used to solder it. I used the same torch that I used when I soft soldered it last year and after a year of hard use the bearing tracks itself still looked fine. I now just used the torch a bit longer of course.

Of course this is a temporary fix. Just to get me through the season.

The flywheel and glands both look like new! No pitting or cut ins. So at least one part that is reusable without work…