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Richard Blackburn

It has been over a week since the event and I’ve only just got time to post up a couple of pics and a quick note.

The event was very well attended, I think it was standing room only! A good mix of classic bike enthusiasts and the IMechE regulars seemed to be there.

Before I arrived the IMechE representative mentioned that someone was bringing a bike to display and it was absolutely flat refused to allow the bike into the room. A space beside the fire exit was allocated.

When I arrived I went to the hotel reception to ask where I could park the bike. I asked the receptionist who did not seem to know a bike was arriving, but a gentleman leaning on the reception desk casually asked what it was. I explained it was a Scott to show at the talk that evening but we would have to leave it outside. He immediately jumped into action asking if it was clean. I explained I cleaned it well and drained the fuel in the hope of bringing it inside. I also brought a board of wood for the stand and a long carpet so it would protect the floor. He explained he was responsible for the hotel that evening and would love to see the bike and help me into the room with it! 5 minutes later it was parked on one side of Roger’s projector and created much interest and discussion during the tea drinking prior to the talk.

Roger’s talk ran through the Scott history, some pictures of the key bikes, and lots of background on the manufacturing techniques used. The Border TV short documentary was shown and lots of early TT images. The original one hour scheduled soon turned into 2, and a break was called for a drink and I believe Roger was going to continue afterwards! I had to leave at this point due to an early start the next day, but time to get a photo with a few likely characters:

L to R: Me, Barry Orr OBE, Roger, Colin Ingham (IMechE)

Overall I think it was all well received and put the SOC and VMCC in a positive light to potential members. I gave a quick 5 minute background to the bike on display and encouranged anyone present to contact either organisation if they want to get into classic or vintage bikes.