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Well, I measured the rollers and those are indeed 0,335″ (8,5 mm). So it is the right chain size. I can understand the rear sprocket being at its end and showing serious signs of wear (I think it must be going through the hardening). But I do not quite understand that the front sprocket is also wearing so rapidly…

I checked the door gasket and it was indeed broken (like the first one) but at a slightly different place. Both doors and the gasket surface on the casings are in perfect shape. I cleaned it all thoroughly and made some new gaskets. The spares scheme gaskets were a bit to small in OD (they did not enter the groove machined in the casing) and a bit to large on the ID (they did not fit the door). I tried them on a Flyer door and that was a good fit. So there must be a difference between the gaskets for two speeders and Flyers after all. I fitted my self made gaskets with some gasket cement on the casing side and then fitted the doors again (without cement to keep those easily removable).

I also noticed last week that when I rolled the bike out of my garage quite a large amount of water came pouring out of the exhaust. Allthough being stainless steel I did it think wise to take the exhaust of the bike and fit it again with a bit more exhaust flange cement. That way the water leaking from my cylinder block cannot enter the exhaust anymore so easily. The block has been leaking ever since I got the bike (at the front between the two cylinders) and despite several attempts to fix the leak (soldering, two component glue etc) I have not been able to fix it. It now leaks quite severely. Bottom line is that the bike really could do with some new parts… Hope this winter I will have the time!

But hey, I can ride again. 😀