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Slightly off topic maybe but regarding that water leak problem: Over 40 years ago I acquired what was even then a very, very old Johnson outboard motor. In places it had aluminium castings bolted to bronze castings and worse it had spent its life around seawater, the result was as may be imagined more aluminium sponge than casting in places!

The trick to a sound repair was to first carefully sandblast the damaged area, this provides the best possible key and to minimise further oxidation as soon as possible fill it with slow setting Araldite followed by a gentle bake in a low oven, (80 – 90ÂșC) until set.

The point about cooking it is that Araldite will go very fluid before it sets and will creep into all the nooks and crannies, expel the bubbles and make intimate contact with the metal.

Plasticine will just about stand these temperatures and may be used to form a dam to prevent the Araldite running everywhere and it will given half a chance! The excess can be cleaned off afterwards.

Does it work? Well 40 odd years on the repairs are still sound. Nuff said!