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just a comment that over time the fuel height in the bowl raises itself as the top point on the needle, and the seat in the float bowl cap, both wear. Also worn needles cause the fuel level to run too high by leaking constantly. I’ve seen a few Scott crankcases split around the crank chamber where owners have left the fuel tap on, the needle has leaked fuel past itself, filled up the crankcase on one side with fuel (the side with the piston up) and the owner has given it a stern kick without first rolling it over. The resulting hydraulic lock bursts the crankcase.

If your carb is leaking fuel at standstill and the float bowl is in the correct place I would first check the fuel tap is sealing off correctly, and then replace the needle.

As a further note to lower the fuel height in the bowl you don’t need to cut another groove, you can just place a small light washer or two between the clip and the float.