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Thanks for your note, I’ve had no luck with any Mag company for a 180 degree unit, but I did find my armature! I’d sent it to Dave Fisher in March and forgotten 😳

I was reading the Lucas service sheets last night and it says you should have a good spark (<5% missing) at 110rpm. Given mine now does not spark until 500rpm there is no wonder the old girl will not start.

I’ll have the armature back by Thursday I hope, then its midnight oil time to get it timed and reassembled and onto the bike for Friday lunchtime and drive to Abbotsholme. Failing that I have a DKX4 I could bodge on but that is probably more work than sortign the mag. All good fun.

I did find a BTH mag though, but cannot have it until November. Again, not much use for this weekend.