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Eddie Shermer

Hi Eric,
Now that the dust an blue smoke have settled a little over the normally tranquil estate of Abbotsholme I am able to post a reply. The weekend did go well, it being necessary to crowbar the last few stragglers off the estate late on the Sunday afternoon.
Rachael had baked one of her special fruit cakes nowing that her dutch friend was normally one of the first to arrive on the Friday and would be in need of building up after such a long ride. I didn’t have the heart to tell her you were standing her up this year, but the cake all went anyway. In deed you would not have been the first this year as Trevor and family were there at 8.30 on the Friday morning.
A good run on the Saturday with no breakdowns that I was aware of, although I did loose my silencer and proceeded to deafen the whole area for the rest of the day.
Hope you can make it next year.