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Trevor Scott

Eddie you & your Family unit are doing a fantastic Job , Stanford hall offers me nothing that Abbotsholme does not do much better, I suggest that those that are complaining have not yet experienced Abbotsholme hospitality or they have to travel over 10 miles to get there…..we have a ferry trip & as far to travel on the mainland from that point as anyone, as does Eric, & all travellers. At the weekend we had an american (2nd time there), a french guy, a new scott owner who rode from Bristol on a bike he barely knew, last year we had 2 Dutch men & a table of Italian…. there is no argument here about attendances.

I Think the Club has taken the Correct Path with Abbotsholme & I personally & my family could not make one criticism of last weekend gathering/weekends events, infact when can we book next years ?

Well done The Scott Club & Especially the Shermer Family !!!