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Richard Blackburn

Hi Trevor,

The only place a Scott can leak water from the engine is from the following:
1. The water drain plug/tap
2. The joint between the water dome cover (cylinder head as sometimes incorrectly called)
3. The joint with the round nut around each spark plug hole

I’m sure you will have what is called a blind head engine rather than a detachable head engine. The easy way to tell is the detachable has 16 nuts around the top, the blind head has just the two nuts around the plug holes.

To remove the water dome you just take off the two ferrule nuts around the plug holes – there was a post a week or two ago with a link to a picture of a tool for this. Do not use a hammer/chisel/screwdriver as many have done in the past. You can make a tool from a bit of tube with the notches cut out. Be very careful removing the water dome as heavy levering with a screwdriver bends it or will crack it. It will be stuck tight over the plug ferrules. A bit of heat with a heat gun or blow torch can help it.

Leaks around the water dome are common – when you take it off it will be full of crud and most likely very corroded. You can either get some new gaskets from the Spares Scheme, get happy with the silicone sealer, or resurface the water dome mounting faces, or a bit of all 3.

Just a note though – you can get quite involved as if you are removing the water dome you may as well take off the barrels (4 bolts at the bottom you mentioned) so you can jet wash all the muck out of the bottom of the water jacket. You will also find the plug ferrules heavily corroded, replcaements are available from the spares scheme but they are a sod to get out. My usual method is to weld a bar to each ferrule to use the heat from the weld, and the bar gives leverage to slacken them off.

If the block is off and has decomressors they will be blocked, then it will want a decoke, and the pistons/ring grooves….. ad infinium!

Here is a pic of a blind head barrel I did with the water dome and plug ferrules removed, for your info.

I hope the above helps. Also if you can do a search online for “The Book of the Scott” which has some descriptions and pictures of engine strip-down and rebuild, but it is far from comprehensive.