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Hello Pete.
On the hidden rear face of the kickstart boss there is a 1/8″ diameter hole into which fits a 1/8″ x 1/8″ small dowel, (actually the same as a clutch roller). This engages into a hole in the gearbox end cover, and what has probably happened is that the dowel has gouged it’s way out of it’s locating hole ripping a groove into the end cover, and allowing the kickstart boss to partly rotate to the wrong position. This is a very common problem on the older boxes, and it was not cured until the later boxes had a different idea consisting of a cutout in the top edge of the boss into which a tongue engages that is part of the kickstart stop. This can be seen in Eddie Shermer’s photo.
The root cause of this slight disaster is operating the kickstart whilst the bike is on the rear stand instead of the correct way of having the bike off the stand and you astride it. Is this what you have been doing?!
Unfortunately this is now a gearbox stripdown job to remedy, and if you don’t feel confident to do that then a Scott specialist like Eddie can do it for you. If the end cover comes off easily it is possible to do this repair without taking the gearbox out of the bike. I suggest that you have a chat to Eddie about it ASAP.
Good luck!
Brian M