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Hi Lewis,

I agree, the 1912 is a very good-looking bike. It has the original Scott carburettor, and it works! We had to take the thing apart in order to understand how and why it works – but it does! I have the drawings etc. from Yowl Vol.5 n0. 9, December 1967 – but they do not make sense before you have disassembled the beast.

Today I have disassembled the rear frame with rear mudguard and chain cover in order to get the tank out. The petrol taps were corroded and leaking. They have now been reground with rubbing compound and chrome polish and work well. The tank needs a respray (wrong colour – almost blue) – the same goes for the knee-shields. The front mudguard has had a difficult life and need some straightening and a cellulose respray and pinstriping. Mechanically the bike is very good.
I have a few questionmarks regarding the font fork – especially the lower end. If anybody has a drawing or other information, I would be grateful.

I will send you some photographs Lewis, but will have to do it by ordinary e-mail.

Kind regards,

C arl