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Hi Lewis,

I believe that I have the 3 Scott Selection Books at home (I hope) and will look for 1912 photographs.

I will take some photos of the Scott carb and e-mail you.

My front forks may be off a 1914-model, but I am not sure. The front wheel is fastened to two nickeled steel legs, which are again disappearing up into the cast legs running up to the encapsulated spring. On the bottom end of the the cast legs there is a lubricator on each leg. One is working – one is not. If there are lubricators, the steel legs possibly are meant to slide up and down inside the cast legs (?). Mine don’t seem to move. I cannot repair anything, if needed, without knowing how they work, and how they can be dismantled.

The photos of your tank as it was are most interesting. The top of the tank is black, and the ribbons are silver with white pinstripes. I wonder if someone knows if this is correct. The positioning of the ribbons are exactly as on the original factory photo from 1912 shown in the Gallery on the forum.

Kind regards