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lewis onions

Coincidentally I have recently arranged for the manufacture of a few of these clamps. I have two bikes (both with the rear foot brake cross-over shaft) where they are missing and I know of other people with the same problem.

Ken Lack made some a few years ago but was only able to supply me with two of the inner, taller clamps. The later cross-over type certainly came in two parts – the higher clamps carrying the cross-over shaft being inside (I believe) corresponding smaller clamps similar to one half of those used on bikes with a right hand foot brake – like those shown in Richard’s pictures.

Ken does not intend to make any more of thees as they are a bit of a challenge – the clamp fits over the frame at an angle. His were cast in brass and then machined. I have used Ken’s clamps as a pattern but without the smaller outer type there has been a small amount of guess -work involved. The clamps are machined in steel and carry bronze bearings for the cross-over shafts. There will be sets of 4 smaller clamps available as well as sets of 4 with 2 small and 2 tall for cross-over shaft bikes.

I visited the machine shop making the clamps yesterday. Their usual business is the design and construction of robots for Airbus 320 applications but they double as general engineers making anything from agricultural machinery parts upwards. The clamps are likley to be finished in a week and I will post pictures when I am able to.

The cross-over shaft has been another issue – I have two examples and they are different. It is likely that I will get some of these made later to fit with the clamps.

I don’t have the final cost as yet but as is usually the case the expense was in the first set so that there was no reason not to get a run made. If any one is interested (with entirely no obligation), please let me know. The surplus will be avaialble through the spares scheme in any event – assuming that they pass muster with Graham !