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Nice tale! It reminds me of my excitement earlier this year when on a plane reading the June 2010 issue of OBM. I usually flick to the classifieds and see if there is anything of interest as my first port of call. Image my surprise on reading an ad for a Silk 700S MkII in imacculate condition for £2400. My problem was I could not call the advert until I’d arrived at the airport so I sat excitedly for the next hour waiting for the plane to land.

I was somewhat disappointed when I finally realised that I’d be reading a reprint of issue 1…. The June 2010 was the 300th edition of the rag so they had reprinted some of issue 1 as a bit of nostalgia and that was where the Silk advert was 😳 I guess it follows the old adage though, if it’s too good to be true then it’s not true!

Mind you, on reading Colin Heath’s article in Yowl this month I wonder why these barn/loft finds never seem to arrive on my radar. One day perhaps, or perhaps I can pursuade an old boy I know to part with his SS80 or Rapide he has never used for 20 years….