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Hello Jem,
Welcome back to Scotting. “Novice” ?! I don’t think so….
Your stuck cylinder head is a very common problem, and you will find endless postings about it on this website and in Technicalities, but one thing is certain, it is not going to be easy. That is why, in the latest Yowl, my advert offering cylinder barrels for sale, emphasised that the cylinder head was separate and not stuck on. Good luck with it anyway, and don’t use stainless steel replacement studs.
I have never seen your oil-pump mounting gizmo before, and it looks as if it is just a heat isolating thing to try and isolate the pump from anything which will upset the critical settings. Can’t be sure though from the photo.
When Martin Hodkin saw your article in the latest Yowl he remarked that he hoped to see you at Northern Section meetings as it is many years since he has seen you.
Best wishes, and again good luck with the cylinder head.