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I have a colchester student (flat head later type) myself but I’d avoided mentioning it as it weighs over a tonne and has a 3.5 horse 3 ph motor which I run off a phase converter. Although a very capable and accurate machine you cannot get a usable one for less than a grand (unless it has terrible bed wear, worn out headstock etc) and it is not exactly moveable.

If I had to buy another lathe with similar capability (full geared headstock, full gearbox screwcutting rather than swapping gear wheels, power crossfeed, coolant sump and pump, gap bed, quick change toolposts, 1500rpm+ etc) I’d buy another Student, but I realise it is too big and heavy for most hobby users.

The biggest issue with the Students is worn bronze headstock bushes which you can easily make yourself, worn bed centre sections which are expensive to regrind, and worn screwcutting leadscrews. Get one without those issues and you have a machine for life though.