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Hi Roger,

Stay well clear of Warco; these are the ones full of casting sand! If you buy one of these you may end up like some who have bought them; you will be returning it. The build quality is bad and the metal is of poor quality leading to a bad finish; those in their showroom were not very good and this comes from a customer who went to look! I have had no dealings with Clarke machines but if they are far eastern walk away quickly. This is not to say they are not all bad just that I have never seen any machine that is any good and I have seen a few….. Modern machines just don’t have anywhere near enough metal in their construction.

Stick with something British or American and at least 25 years old that way the castings will be good. German lathes are very good but are well out of your price range.

Regards Myford the bits are expensive so make sure all the bits are there before you buy. A replacement set of chuck jaws will, apparently, set you back £130. You can buy a Polish made chuck with both sets of jaws for that money!