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richard tann

A posting by John Welch:
As a visiting Club member from the States, I was so delighted and warmed by the gracious reception and kindness shown by everyone in the Scott Club when I attended the Annual Gathering at Abbotsholme. What a lovely setting! The scenery, the rural lanes, the school itself were marvelous. It was a real joy to meet the people whose letters I had read, and who make the Club so interesting. Richard Tann has been my host since I have been here, and he has made the trip memorable. I met so many Club members that it is hard to keep them straight, but especially David Waring, Ian Parsons, Geoff Green, Paul Rickards, Trevor Scott, Mollie and Les Scott stand out in my feeble brain. Eddie and Margaret, Dr (Spike) Pike, Andrew, and Laurie Erwood also were so kind to me. Oh, I have first dibs on Marge’s Figaro!! I had a long and lovely talk with Lewis Onions and can see what an able leader he has been for the Club.
The ride itself, through the spectacular hills and fields, along the country roads, and amidst the sheep and cows was the best ever for me. I had never had such an experience before. Richard generously let me use his TT Rep, and it never failed. My Scott in the US has deep suspicions of getting out of sight of my garage, and usually refuses to travel any farther. The settings for the lunch break and tea were wonderful as well. I need to come back and take a ride on the Kingsley and Froghall railway!
The accomodations and meals were so good, and the staff so helpful that I feel they deserve extra rounds of applause and thanks.
So, to the Club, the hard working officers, and the organisers, and the members, my deepest thanks for a wonderful, enjoyable weekend, such as I have never experienced before. I hope to be back next year, and am hoping that threat will not make you cancel!