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I would like to express my sheer delight about the terrific weekend event at Abbotsholme. I am very grateful to Trevor Scott and Richard Duffin who rescued me late on Friday about 15 miles from the school after a breakdown on the A50. You couldn’t ask for a friendlier more prompt breakdown/recovery service! Some food was also put aside down with beer for the latecomer. I was given the keys to the workshop for an early start by the cheerful Eddie Shermer where a mouth-watering selection of bikes was kept overnight. By 7.30 am I had a useful crowd of friendly experts to discuss my 2-speeders kick-start problem. However, it became clear that bump starts were the order of the day. I have never set off in a group of Scotts before, briefly blinded by the temporary white-out, off we all went for a wonderful run through stunning countryside with fantastic views in perfect weather.

Congratulations to David Green et. al. for the run, superbly designed to keep us to great views and avoid modern traffic.

Very well received by the public at Buxton Pavilion Gardens, no trouble parking! Fun afternoon ride to Churnet Valley Railway. Great facilities at the school, so freshened up with a shower for excellent dinner in the evening. Everyone nice and mellow after some wine/beer. Meet many new good folk, lots of interesting stories and tips for newbie’s like me.

Thanks again to all those who had put in such hard work to make the weekend the success it was. I encourage all those who have thought about going but not got around to it – go, you will love it.

To any at the meet who are wondering about my return journey, relatively smooth 100 miles in 2hrs 40 mins.