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Jon Hodges

Dear Roger Hulett
This is how slowly democracy works I am afraid, unfortunately there are downsides besides any benefits that it may have. For example, passed at this year’s AGM is an item that possibly affects yourself as an overseas member. If you wish to change anything within this Club from now on a proposer will have to attend an AGM in person along with the seconder to present any proposal they wish to make. On the agenda as an adjunct to this proposal was the phrase ” N.B. Overseas members may be subject to special consideration when the need arises.” Hopefully this will be included when the Constitution is amended, even so it will presumably be at the discretion of whoever is in the Chair at the AGM. So if you wish to put forward the proposal for Proxy Votes you may be better off finding two people in the UK willing to support you. As well as submitting the proposal they would have to attend next year’s AGM, whenever that is. For me I guess the knockabout entertainment made the 400 mile round trip to the AGM worthwhile this year but as each year passes I am beginning to wonder if it is worth the time and expense. It was a shame that I had other commitments that precluded riding a bike there as it was such a good day.
Jon Hodges